What makes us experts?

We’ve been doing this a long time.

We have decades of experience in the jamon business. Between us we know, often on a first name basis, virtually all of the jamon producers in Spain. This is why, in addition to international brands like Cinco Jotas and Joselito, we carry jamones made by smaller, local firms like Isaac Martín, Montaraz and Campo Alto. Brands like Prim, a great value in Spain but unknown elsewhere. We’ve curated this shop based on our experience, expertise, and relationships. Enjoy!


Ramón Baiget

co-owns Ibericsa, one of Barcelona’s principal gourmet jamon distributors. He’s been supplying jamon and other delicacies to the region’s best restaurants and shops for more than 30 years. He knows the farmers, he knows quality, he knows jamon. He is in charge of selecting the best that Spain has to offer. Ramón is our buyer.


Victor Gomez

Ramón’s partner in Ibericsa, is one of Spain’s top gourmet jamon producers. His herds of iberico pigs roam over 10,000 hectares of rolling scrub oak forest in Salamanca. Victor is one of our suppliers.


Josh Merrow

a dual US/Spanish citizen, has been setting up and running online shops since 1999. He has worked with Victor and Ramón since 2007. He knows e-commerce, online security, and that for an online business to thrive it needs to satisfy and delight 100% of its customers. Josh runs the shop.


Josep Baiget

Ramón’s son, is in charge of making sure orders are perfectly packed and dispatched on time. Josep oversees the warehouse staff and logistics.


Montse Vancells

answers our phones and email in English and Spanish. She’s worked in the jamon business for 15 years. If you want to order by phone or have a question, compliment or complaint, she’ll take care of you.